Get Help Practicing Brain Education and Pineal Gland Meditation


Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi Centers

A national chain of centers found in many major cities, Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi teaches all of Ilchi Lee’s Pineal Gland Meditation/Brain Education methods. Group classes, workshops, and individual sessions are available. Find a center near you and sign up for a personal introductory session at

A website and app Ilchi Lee developed to help you experience meditation, energy healing, and sound healing on the go. Subscribe for unlimited access to over 100 brain-based guided meditations curated for total mind-body wellness. Sign up at


Brain Education TV

Brain Education TV is a lifestyle and consciousness movement YouTube channel created by Ilchi Lee. It features videos of brain tips, inspiring stories, meditations, and exercises that help you take back your brain to create the life you want. Learn more at

Founded by Ilchi Lee, is dedicated to providing online learning for lifestyle change and personal growth. Expert trainers with a wide range of talents share their knowledge through an expansive collection of courses, articles, webinars, and natural healing products based on Brain Education methods. Learn more at

Pineal Gland Meditation Products

LifeParticle Card

The LifeParticle Card is a business card-sized meditation aid featuring the LifeParticle Sun image. This image of Sacred Geometry can be used for energy meditation and as a way to receive and send energy on the go. Looking at the shapes and colors can bring your mind into a meditative state and activate your pineal gland. Learn more.


Bird of the Soul Essential Oil

A unique aromatherapy blend of 17 different oils developed by Ilchi Lee that opens the chakras, especially the fourth (heart) and sixth chakras (third eye). Bird of the Soul Essential Oil can be used as a simple pick-me-up or to enhance any meditation practice. Learn more.


Belly Button Healing Kit

This kit has everything you need to thoroughly experience the benefits of Belly Button Healing—a revolutionary way to connect with your body. Developed by Ilchi Lee, Belly Button Healing is the regular and mindful stimulation of the entire abdomen using the navel as the point of contact to relieve pain in the body, release toxins, improve digestion, boost energy, increase circulation, elevate mood, and more. Learn more.


BHP Energy Healing Kit

This kit has what you need to practice BHP Energy Healing, a self-healing meditation developed by Ilchi Lee that helps you connect body and brain. BHP stands for Brain Education Healing Point. In BHP Energy Healing, you stimulate pain points on your body to tell your brain where imbalances and weaknesses are so it can correct them. Learn more.


BHP Finder

The BHP Finder is specifically designed for BHP Energy Healing. It is made of brass and is a convenient tool you can carry around with you to relieve tension and stress from your body and mind anytime, anywhere. The smaller end helps you find Brain Energy Healing Points on your head, fingers and toes, while the larger, rounded end helps you press and massage them. Learn more.


Golden Ring

The Golden Ring, composed of five gold plated rings of different sizes and weights, is a training tool for Heaven’s Gate (Chunmun) Meditation, which allows you to restore balance of body and peace of mind and bring bright consciousness within. Learn more.