Have you been searching, but haven’t been able to find answers?

New York Times bestselling author and world renowned meditation teacher Ilchi Lee proposes that a deep-seated mindset that separates me from you, humans from nature, and, especially, you from yourself is the root cause of every problem you face. The solution, then, is simple: connect.

Learn how to make authentic, deep connections to your body, soul, and divine nature through Pineal Gland Meditation in this awe-inspiring new book.


With the wisdom in this book,
you’ll be able to:

  • Gain greater clarity regarding who you are and what you truly want

  • Return to yourself and feel unconditional love and gratitude for all

  • Improve your intuition and insight to find answers to your questions and problems

  • Establish a meditation routine that can last a lifetime

  • Heal your body and mind naturally

  • Embody your higher self

  • Actively work for your heartfelt goals


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About the author

Ilchi Lee is a visionary and New York Times bestselling author who has penned over 40 books. He founded the mind-body practices of Body & Brain Yoga and Brain Education and established the Earth Citizen Movement. His principles and methods have helped millions of people globally live their true potential.


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Pineal Gland Meditation is a way to expand your concept of who you are and have the clarity to find all the answers you seek. You empty your mind of misinformation and then brighten your consciousness with life energy. You gain the power to download information from your higher consciousness and move them into the real world. With the clarity of Pineal Gland Meditation, you can help heal your body, focus your mind, and find security and creativity within yourself.



The pineal gland is a pinecone-shaped endocrine gland in the brain. Its main function is to secrete melatonin, which the body uses to help regulate its sleep-wake cycle.

In many spiritual traditions, the pineal gland has symbolized the wisdom to see through the illusions of the world and elevated spirit. It is also known as the “third eye.” Ilchi Lee says the pineal gland sees the deepest truth of yourself. Connect walks you through the process of opening that eye.



I was put in charge of a big new project at work. But I thought that there was no way I could handle it, given my current skills . . . I was deeply immersed in Pineal Gland Meditation one day when I brought this worry to mind and asked what I should do. A remarkable thing happened right away. It was like an incredibly loud voice exploding in my pineal gland, saying, “I can do it!” My attitude totally changed after that. As I tackled the work, original ideas popped up in my brain, one after another. I worked with incredible power and concentration, with the result that the project was a great success. —Lynn

Pineal Gland Meditation caused memories buried deep in my unconscious mind to rise to the surface, one by one—not only happy ones, but painful memories and shameful experiences I didn’t want to think about, and memories I didn’t even know I had. But surprisingly, those memories showed me clear reasons and solutions for the physical, mental, and emotional problems I was experiencing. I feel a real peace inside now, one that fills my heart. —Emma

What I feel the most when I do Pineal Gland Meditation is that I really become more tranquil. And my spine stands up straight. When I do sitting meditation for a long time, my back often slumps or gets tired. With Pineal Gland Meditation, though, I’ve never had that feeling. My mind grows more tranquil, my body straighter, and the thought that I should change and want to change becomes very clear.Bama Kim

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